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How to handle copyrights and claims?

If for some reason you are experiencing any trouble with the claim not clearing, submit a claim submission form and our support team will get back to you after troubleshooting.

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Do you have any questions

Our Knowledge Base is here to help educate you on music licensing and answer any questions you may have about our site.

I have received a copyright claim on my video. What does this mean and can it be cleared?

It can sometimes happen, when your productions are uploaded on video platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo, that your productions are temporarily blocked for copyright reasons. Indeed, these platforms have bots that analyze all the videos posted on the platform, and determine whether or not there is a copyright infringement.

This is sometimes the case, but not always. It is therefore necessary to take action in order to signal to these platforms that you have indeed bought the rights to use one of our music in your video. Our teams can then "whitelist" your video and authorize it for broadcasting.

Should I declare the music used?

Any use of our works  is subjected to a licensing process.

This allows us to pay the composer / artist the royalties to which he is entitled on his work.

If you are producing for TV, cinema or radio, you must complete a cue sheet so that the broadcaster can make its declaration to SACEM. If you want to know more about the cue sheet, we invite you to discover all the explanations here.

For use on social networks, simply declare to us the use of music (no need to fill out a cue sheet). We will then issue an invoice which acts as a transfer of rights.

What rights do I purchase? (territory, rights duration)

All licenses sold on our website are subject to rules that are specific to each one. There is a license agreement that describes those rights in detail for each of our licenses. We recommend you reading it before you purchase.

You can find all this information on the licensing pages of our websites, in the footer of the website, by clicking on the "Licensing".

What are our licenses?

Some of our licenses are now available for online purchase. There are 4 of them, and they cover a large part of our users' needs. They are distinguished by the coverage they offer to your productions.

  • Starter: Covers one track for one online business or personal production without marketing budget (organic post), worldwide, in perpetuity. 

  • Social Media +: Covers one track for one sponsored social media production with an unlimited marketing budget, worldwide, in perpetuity. 

  • Online Ad - National: Covers one track for one online advertising production (paid media, such as pre/mid/post-roll, banner, pop-up), on national territory, for one year. All tags included.

  • Online Advertising - Global: Covers one track for one online advertising production (paid media, such as pre/mid/post-roll, banner, pop-up), worldwide, for one year. All tags included.

Prices of our licenses and their conditions vary from one territory to another. Please refer to the price list on your regional website. Our licenses are subject to very specific rules that you can find in our license agreement, in the pricing page of our sites.

I’m not happy with my track, can I get a refund?

Sometimes a piece of music can't fit into your project, it happens. Our catalogs are large and digging to find the perfect music can sometimes take time and numerous tries in your project.

That's why we recommend that you download the music and try it in your productions first before buying it, as explained in our article Can I use music in my project before buying a license?

Once your purchase has been made, if you are not satisfied with the track(s) for which you have just purchased a license, we will not be able to issue a refund.